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Anonymous Student Profile

Student A came to DH READ with severe struggles with fluency (reading,) although his receptive vocabulary was at grade level. At the time of his evaluation, Student A was not able to identify or produce over half of all vowel and consonant sounds. His phonemic awareness was minimal. Any words read correctly required sounding out of the word. He was unable to burst any given word. His behavioral issues were also a notable hindrance during the evaluation.

Based on this, our Instructor’s first focus was toward building foundational skills with his phonemic awareness, reducing sound outs, and improving his accuracy with sight words. Instructors spent time during his activities to address behavioral issues including: work refusal, leaving his seat, throwing objects, and disrespect toward instructors and aides. After 65 hours of our one-on-one instruction, Student A showed mastery of all short vowel and consonant sounds, vowel pairs, and was reading primer level passages with 92% accuracy.

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