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Evaluations and feedback 

Along with information from parents (and teachers, as applicable), assessments will be given to determine the student’s fluency, comprehension, and math strengths and struggles. A summary of scores will be provided at a meeting where assessment results and recommendations for an instruction plan are discussed.


The student will receive differentiated, responsive, and engaging skill building instruction, via in person or online. This can be one-on-one or in a group setting from instructors and interventionists at a pace that is catered to their needs and rate of progress. This is always overseen and planned by an interventionist with thousands of hours of reading, comprehension, and application instruction planning, implementation, and oversight experience. During the instruction time frame, meetings with parents (and other academic team members of parents’ choice) occur on an ongoing basis and re-evaluations are administered at determined intervals to provide further information about progress.

Workshops and Ongoing Coaching 

As part of our mission to provide accessible and sustainable academic intervention, we offer teacher and parent workshops where we share the basic foundation and flow of the skill building process for improving fluency, comprehension, and application. Through presentations, observations, and practice opportunities we help empower parents and educators. 

To further empower workshop participants, we offer ongoing coaching, via in person or online. An interventionist observes, models, and then provides feedback to the workshop participant during and after he/she implements the instruction to which they have been introduced. We use a competency checklist with detailed notes to evaluate and help the participant continue to improve and begin the process of building independence with planning and implementing instruction.


We strive to create fluency, comprehension and application practice materials that line up with the flow of skill building and the responsive, differentiated instruction we implement, provide training on, and oversee. Please visit our work in progress gallery to see decoding cards, sight word practice sheets, games, and reading passages. 

Adult Students
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