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Student A came to DH READ with severe struggles with fluency (reading,) although his receptive vocabulary was at grade level. At the time of his evaluation, Student A was not able to identify or produce over half of all vowel and consonant sounds. His phonemic awareness was minimal. Any words read correctly required sounding out of the word. He was unable to burst any given word.


Blonde Boy Reading

Student B came to DH READ with struggles in both comprehension and mathematics. Our evaluation revealed that Student B’s issues with mathematics were stemming from his gaps in comprehension. At the time of his evaluation, Student B demonstrated severe struggles with creating dynamic imagery during passage reading, despite being a fluent reader at his grade level.


Math Tutor

Student C came to DH READ with severe struggles with Mathematics and Comprehension. At the time of her evaluation, Student C indicated significant struggles with basic math concepts, particularly in the areas of fractions and computation, starting at the addition and carrying level. While Student C was within the low-normal range in regards to fluency, she displayed trouble with reading with prosody and imagery of a read passage, which hindered her comprehension.

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